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SHUTTING DOWN THIS COMMUNITY [Aug. 17th, 2007|05:51 pm]
Gay Pron Stories


Hello All

This is loves_gay_sex, AKA “Hairy,” your moderator. This is a post letting you know that I am shutting down this community.

This community began because I wanted to have a place where I could find my favorite pron stories from the internet. I discovered that book marking them wasn’t a good idea, because sites vanished from the net without warning and at the blink of an eye, and **poof** a favorite story was gone. Therefore, I decided to copy and post my favorites here so I could find them whenever I wanted to read them. This was to happen in a journal just for me, but then as I thought about it, I decided to make a community of it instead. Why not share my favs and see what other people thought about them? Sounds fun, huh?

Or even better, instead of just sharing them, why not make it a community where people could share their favorite stories as well!?!?!?! That way, I would not only be presenting stories for other people out there, but I would benefit because people would share stores with me! I got quite excited by the idea.

Except that no one commented and no one posted any stories.

So I changed the profile page to make it more apparent what was expected of its members.

And nothing.

I run quite a few communities and I realized this one is just not worth it. So I am going to “re-copy” the stories, but them in my own journal, mark them private so that only I can read them, and drop a community so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. There is just no sense.

So now you will know what happened in a week or so when this community, like the other “sites” I mentioned above, simply vanishes.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully someone else will pick up the idea and do it themselves. If so, I promise that I will comment when I read and I will even post stories. As a matter-of-fact, I might even write a few myself!

Hugs and Sexy Kisses,

[User Picture]From: hanks_lil_pit
2007-12-30 01:22 am (UTC)

I can't believe that this didn't take off like a shot! Imagine.


Sorry to hear it. You ever want to share your links, I'm listening. Intently.

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[User Picture]From: loves_gay_sex
2007-12-30 01:43 am (UTC)
Hello "Hank"

Just curious, is that your name, or is it like "Hairy?"

I got one comment on the first story I posted. That's it. Not one other single person commented. I kept asking and no one could be bothered. When you put time into a community you want to at least know people are reading. A lot of people joined, and no one said a word.

Since stopping the community, I've had like 30 requests to join. Why? I can't imagine. If they would have looked at the community they would have seen this post and seen there was no need to bother. Or had they commented in this post it might have made me think someone cared. Or if someone had said, "NO! Please don't close it!" or someone volunteered to take it over... All would have been signs it was worth doing something about.

But over four months and you are the first person to say anything.

That's just not worth it.

But I have a few other communities you might check out. man_holes, where guys post pics of their assholes, men_who_slash, for men who write slash (to show the different ways men might write it versus women) and water_brothers, about watersports and/or piss sex.

Thanks for commenting!
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